Is this man a cyclist?


It's a cold morning. The plants in front of my house, and the cars on the block, are covered with frost.

I run a quick errand to a local Target (by car, if I may add). As I stand in line to pay for my purchases, the man in front of me is having a conversation with the clerk:

"It's cold, biking on a day like this," the customer says.

"Oh, sure is. But it's good exercise. But I don't ride, not even in the summer, even though I have a bike," the clerk replies.

"I ride all the time. All winter, too. Every day," the customer continues, pulling on his gloves, and collecting his bags.

"It sure is good exercise!"

The man walks out, and I pray she rings up my stuff fast, so I can get a glimpse of him riding away on his bike. I practically run after him There he is, just as I saw him. Basic department-store bike, bulky hooded parka, thick gloves, leather oxfords. No helmet, no gear, the Target bags just dangle from the handlebars.

Is he a cyclist? Or what?