Comon Sense Checklist for Bicycle Fit


Cosmic Bikes has put together a Common Sense Bike Fit Guide intended to take some mystery out of the fitting process and to help you get the most comfortable ride out of your bike.

In the age of boutique fitting studios and computerized fitting sessions running into hundreds of dollars, some common sense, and tried and true ideas about bicycle fit can get lost. Such as: elite cyclists and racers have different needs than you and I, who are just trying to get around on our bikes, and maybe get away on the weekend to breathe some fresh air.

Because our needs are simpler, does not mean that we’re less deserving of a comfortable ride. Only for us a comfortable ride may have less to do with precise body measurements, and more with an experienced someone listening to our needs and helping us sift through a myriad options to zero in on practical and cost effective modifications that will make a meaningful difference in how much we enjoy riding our bicycles.

This guide is designed for "lifestyle cyclists” and tackles topics such as:

  • Why do I fall between sizes, and what to do about it?

  • I don’t want to compromise on comfort. Can I compromise something else instead?

  • The question you must answer before you adjust your fit on a bike

  • Which of these numbers is the frame size, and what does it have to do with my size?

  • I’m a woman. Do I need a woman’s bike?

  • Why cushiest saddles may not be your best bet.

  • Are your knees coming up to your chest when you pedal and what to do about it?

  • And more!

If there are questions we didn’t answer, shoot us a comment.