Benefits of Small Adventures

Small Rainy Adventure.jpg

The pressures of our daily lives can make us feel we don't have a moment to ourselves, let alone time for vacation. I've discovered that sometimes the best vacations are the really short ones, which require little preparation, or -- better yet -- are completely spontaneous.

If you allow for short adventures in your life, you can literally have a vacation every week, without the extensive planning and clearing your work schedule that conventional vacation travel requires.

Small adventures can take anywhere from a couple of hours on a weekday (yes!) morning, to a full day, or even a quick overnight, and leave you feeling recharged and energized, yet those around you barely even notice you're gone.

Imagine knowing you don't need to save thousands of dollars and wait months for your next getaway, and instead looking forward to taking your next adventure literally tomorrow, or grinning at your co-workers, because you just got back from one.