What if I stayed?


What if I absolutely committed to something bigger than myself (and way bigger than my brick-and-mortar business), and let it shape me? An idea, an entity to bring together and inspire one-time dreamers who now, like me, sometimes feel stuck in work, in life, in age, in their own business they once nurtured out of the soil of their imagination, and reawaken them to once again feel the pulse of their dreams?

What if I could harness that constant aching sense of wanting to get away, to feel free, to be outside of the city and outside of my current reality, and make it not an escape, but a joy, a core of what I do, and what could I build if -- instead of escaping -- I stayed?

What if this -- entirely obliterating having something to escape from -- eliminated all need for "flight or fight", and consequently replaced stress with unwavering purpose and calm, perhaps also virtually eliminating the distinction and conflict between self and work?

 What if I chronicle this experiment, write the hell out of it, show the process, the hardship, the challenge, but show also how possible the joy, how close the adventure, how ripe the imagination still is, and build community around the idea that your life is here now, and freedom is not out there, but within you and your business, only waiting to be grasped.


"But, what if you stayed?" (The Middle Finger Project)
Bringing together dreamers (Bicycle Nomad)