The Year of Living Adventurously

It's natural to admire adventurers who embark on extraordinary journeys or undertake once-in-a-lifetime feats. But for many of us, taking long breaks from work to indulge our wanderlust isn't practical on a regular basis, so adventures and breathtaking experiences are relegated to special moments in our lives: the year after college, milestone birthdays or anniversaries, retirement.

Whew, we made it!!

2016 was, by many accounts, a trying year. For us, it was a year of reinvention. After closing a family business we ran together for most of our adult lives, we went looking for a place to start over. We spent much of the first part of the year dreaming and planning, and then, once we found that place, building and creating. We feel grateful that we received such a warm welcome from Jefferson Park and surrounding neighborhoods.

Have you ever wanted to master basic bike repair skills to become more self-sufficient? Or have you been thinking about using your bike to get around the city, but you're not sure where to start? Cosmic Bikes will be offering several FREE workshops throughout the season designed to get you acquainted with the systems and mechanics of your bike, and to help you become a more confident rider. We hope you can join us!

Don't ruin the joy of your biking experience through setting overly rigid goals. Especially if you are a relatively new cyclist. Focus on small victories and modest goals that will enhance your enjoyment of cycling.

You could say that as a bike shop owners, we are biased. But we happen to believe that the products we sell make great Christmas gifts for kids and grown-ups alike. Wrap one up, and you're giving mobility, independence, fitness, fun and adventure, as well as something durable that will last for years. For well under a grand, you could buy many seasons' worth of autonomous travel.

Thanksgiving is over, now Christmas is coming. Despite the annual protestations that the holidays have become too commercialized, let's face it -- we continue, and will continue to shop for the holidays. Please support your local businesses this season. Lighted store windows and occupied storefronts make a richer, more vibrant community, but we depend on you.

"I believe our largest problems have grown from the earth's remotest corners as well as our own back yards, and that salvation may lie in those places, too." --Barbara Kingsolver:

Summer's over?

Well, technically, it's around for another three weeks or so. It's sad to see it go, but, if we are lucky, over the next few weeks we will experience the best cycling weather in Chicago. If you thought August was too hot to be enjoyable, roll your bike out now.

Don't see yourself becoming a bike commuter? That's OK. You do not have to "become" anything if you just want to try riding your bike. We have some octogenerian relatives who have been known to ride their bikes to the grocery store. I don't think they ever stopped to figure out if they are "bike commuters".

In addition to being a fabulous recreational vehicle, your bike can be a super-utilitarian machine for getting around the city even when you're not using it to get to work. I love to use my bike for grocery shopping. My supermarket of choice has a nightmarish parking lot. If I ride my bike, I don't even have to set foot in it, and I can carry a lot more than if I walk.