Your Mother's Guide to Winter Biking


I'm a bike shop owner, so of course I want you to buy bike stuff. But I am also a mom. So I feel it is my duty to remind you what your mom might say before you run out and get a whole bunch of expensive bike gear:

  1. Tuck in your shirt! Forget those low-slung trousers. Nothing feels worse than a cold blast of Chicago wind on your back and a... um, you get the point. Make sure your shirt is long enough to slide inside your waistband, and your waistband comes up high enough to keep it there.

  2. Where is your scarf?! OK, if you're cycling, you may substitute a neck gaiter, balaclava, or even a snug turtleneck, but keep that neck covered. This is the second place where that cold wind can really getcha.

  3. Stuff your cuffs inside your gloves, or the gloves inside cuffs. It doesn't matter. Just keep that cold blast from making direct contact with the skin.

  4. Same goes for the pants. Stuff'em inside your boots or socks.

  5. Pssst.... did you put on your long underwear? You might need it today. Just stay away from the cotton stuff. In cold weather, wool and synthetics are your friend.

PS. Really, we want you to buy bike gear. But, more importantly, like your mother, we want you to stay warm.