Chicago Bike Blog Affiliate program Statement


Do you ever feel torn between supporting your favorite local merchants, and looking online for a wider selection of products and choices? So do we!

We may have found a pretty good solution to that dilemma.

Cosmic Bikes, our family-run small business, depends on local customer support. Yet in the era of the internet, a neighborhood store can seem quite limited in what it can offer at its physical location compared to innumerable products that are available online.

To address this, we’ve partnered with a network of manufacturers and suppliers of products we love and use, in order to be able to refer those products through our website. We do not get paid to test them or write about them. This program simply allows us to recommend a wider range of options to our customers than we could ever physically stock. If you happen to like any of our recommendations well enough to purchase the product through the link we provide, we earn a small commission.

We see this as a win-win situation. As a small business, we feel honored to be part of the local community, and we love it when you visit us and make your purchases in person. We also offer items for purchase directly through our own online store. The affiliate program complements this by granting us access and opportunity to showcase fantastic products from a wider range of merchants. We make recommendations based on our honest experiences, and you choose based on your needs.

This arrangement also helps extend the reach of our brick and mortar store beyond the local community, gain a wider audience and use our decades of experience to help like-minded people throughout our region and beyond. And any purchases those people make, as a result of our recommendations, come back to us and strengthen our position in our local market, and help us do more good in our community.

If you have any questions about this program, feel free to stop in at Cosmic Bikes, or drop us a line.

Thanks for your support. We wouldn’t be here without it.