Hello Gentle Reader,


Our blog needs a tiny bit of introduction. This online journal extends the reach of our brick and mortar bicycle store located in Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood. It is divided into three sections, each housing a different collection of topics, with a little bit of overlap from time to time:

  1. Chicago Bike Blog
    This is the original blog that dates back to 2007, and covers the Who, What, Where, When, How and Why of biking in Chicago. This section of the blog is the most nuts-and-bolts, and perhaps somewhat prosaic (the poetry of bicycles notwithstanding), and features regularly updated resources for those who are new to cycling in Chicago, or riders seeking solid, practical advice. You’ll find some biking basics here, such as advice on buying a bike, bike maintenance, safe riding and essential gear, but I’m not above an occasional whimsical musing or a rant.

  2. Live Large Pack Small
    This section is built around Brompton Bicycles (though not to the exclusion of other bikes, or even other non-motorized forms of travel), and the theme of packing maximum adventure into the most compact package possible. Here I stray a bit off the beaten path, and advance the idea that breathtaking experiences exist all around us, and adventures can and should become a part of everyone’s life. I try out, and tell you about the most compact and useful outdoor equipment, and great local and regional destinations to help you put together trips that don’t require leaving regular life behind, lasting from just a few hours to several days.

  3. Minute Revolutions
    Making posts in this section public is a bit of a leap of faith for me, since it started as a place for me to journal and explore some more philosophical wanderings. Such as: how does change happen, and do revolutions have to be big? Or can small changes, implemented with care and commitment, turn around individual lives, small businesses, local economies and neighborhoods? Using biking as a model and a metaphor, I explore topics of personal growth, crafting worthwhile lives and fostering strong communities.

I make an effort to make the posts useful, relevant, occasionally funny and sometimes even inspiring. I’d love to hear your feedback, online or in person.

Thanks! —Justyna